Making Web App Hosting Someone Else's Problem


I spent nearly 11 years managing and programming on a small application server (Ubuntu LAMP Stack) at my old job. I never really thought of it as much of a burden as I was physically at the site every day and could legitimately dedicate enough attention to making sure the updates to hardware and software were taken care of.

Of course (as these things tend to happen) I wound up leaving the Texas Bandmasters Association for a better opportunity but have still managed to remain a part of the organization in a consultant capacity doing a bit of application coding (mostly codebase updates). Obviously, having an application server in a place where I am not is no longer practical so the decision was made to the move the application stack into a couple of Digital Ocean droplets.

So far, the transition has been fairly straight-forward and I’ve not run into any snags having updated the majority of the PHP code base to be compatible with version 7.2 this past year. I never fail to be amazed at just how easy it is to rent a bit of server time on someone else’s data center and spool up a couple of virtual instances of linux to run a couple of database enabled web applications.

Not even mad. Not even a little. — $25 dollars a month to make web app hosting someone else’s problem….now THAT is awesome.